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Here at the Casper Police Department, we are about one thing – ourcommunity. Below you’ll find a series of photos and videos showing off just some of the ways we connect with the great people of Casper. Feel free to follow us on our social media pages for more fun content we create for the protection, safety, and amusement ourcommunity.

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November 18, 2021 – Today we honor and remember the life and service of Officer George F. Radden who tragically lost his life in service to #ourcommunity on November 18th, 1925.
We are so fortunate here at the department to continue to have a relationship with members of the Radden Family both near and far. We cherish the impact he has left on our law enforcement family. Please join us today as we honor and remember the life and legacy of Casper Police Officer George Radden.
You can read more about Officer Radden on his official Officer Down Memorial Page here ->
November 15, 2021 – Please help us welcome your newest Casper Police Officer, David Southcott!
Officer Southcott recently moved to Casper from New York. He joins CPD with 15 years of prior law enforcement experience.
Welcome to the Casper Police Department family, Officer Southcott! We are excited to have you as part of #ourcommunity.
November 14, 2021 – Last week we had the privilege of donating over 50 recovered bicycles back out to #ourcommunity!
Applications have closed for this year, but we hope to continue this tradition next year! To learn more about this program https://casperpolice.org/bikedonation/
November 2, 2021 – Please help us congratulate, your Officer of the Quarter, Detective Tiffany Elhart!
Detective Elhart not only displays the utmost professional standards in her professional life but her personal life as well. Detective Elhart never falters when faced with the notion of real or perceived danger, and is always the first to volunteer for tasks even those unappealing. She often strives to go above and beyond the call of service with her colleagues, professional partnerships, and the citizens she works with on a daily basis.
Detective Elhart worked tirelessly throughout the last several months working a plethora of complex investigations, in which she volunteered over 150 additional man-hours to assist and complete the work in the more recent investigations of the 3rd Quarter. Detective Elhart is nearly always the first to volunteer to assist with community outreach programs and events.
Over the summer, Detective Elhart worked tirelessly alongside her colleagues in a high-profile investigation in which she provided positive assistance throughout the entire process, in particular with coordinating the staffing needs for scene processing and management. In addition, Detective Elhart also volunteered to take the on-call investigator role throughout this on numerous days simply to ensure her fellow Detectives were well-rested. This was volunteered on her own and without any intention of the act itself being reciprocated from anyone to include those she assisted.
These services and actions are the norm for Detective Elhart. We are so grateful to have her as a member of the Casper Police Department, serving our community.
October 20, 2021
August 10, 2021
July 22, 2021
July 19, 2021 – Please help us congratulate Casper Police Officer Courtney Brackenrich A352 and Officer Gordon Brown A353 on their graduation from the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy! These officers will continue their training in Casper for the next several months before hitting the streets to protect and serve #ourcommunity. Both represented our City well during their time at the Academy, congratulations officers!
July 10, 2021 – One of the community partnerships we are most proud of is our relationship with the Natrona County Department of Family Services.
By working hand-in-hand with the heroes at DFS, we are able to better protect all members of our community – but especially our kids. In particularly tragic situations when children need to be quickly transitioned to a safe location, and into the care of a foster family, they may not have many of their own belongings. Our Victim Services Unit recently donated several dozen overnight bags to DFS for these situations. The bags include blankets, personal care items, toys or activities as well as a comfort animal.
Our hope is that during these difficult moments for our community’s children, not only are they protected by officers and taken care of by the loving DFS workers and foster families, but have a little something to call their own, too.
July 8, 2021 – Collecting intel from the neighborhood raccoon.
July 1, 2021
June 23, 2021
May 29, 2021 – We are proud to announce that the Casper Legion Post selected Officer Andrea Husted as Lawman of the Year! Officer Husted continuously leads our officers in statistical rankings. Her motivation helps keep our entire community safe every single day. Please help us congratulate Officer Husted!

May 19, 2021 –

This time last week we were partying it up with over a 1,000 members of #ourcommunity during our first annual Police Week Block Party! There is no better place to be a police officer than right here in Casper. Thank you to everyone who came out to show your support for our officers. This is community.To see more, check out this great video by our friend Nick at K2 Radio👉https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj_nu7d_lwE#bettertogether

May 17, 2021 – We ended police week by honoring Police Officer Memorial Day and remembering the officers who lost their lives in the line of duty this year.
Every year, we lower the flags in front of the Hall of Justice on May 15th. We were honored to be joined by members of the Radden family to pay respect to the Casper Police Department’s only line of duty death, Officer George Radden.
You can learn more about Officer Radden here https://www.odmp.org/officer/10950-officer-george-f-radden
This year, we also remember fallen Deputy Sheriff Wyatt Maser, a native of Casper, who lost his life serving the citizens of Bonneville, Idaho on May 18th, 2020.
You can learn more about Deputy Maser here https://www.odmp.org/…/24639-deputy-sheriff-wyatt…
May 8, 2021 – This was left on one of our vehicles while we were on a call. Thank you, Casper.

April 27 – “When officers in our community put on their uniforms, they know that at any time during their shift, they could walk into harm’s way. Without hesitation, they still put on their uniform every day. This speaks louder than words can describe. It speaks to their bravery, professionalism, and commitment to the people of Wyoming.” said Senator John Barrasso. “I want to thank Officers Carlson and Garrett for their exceptional valor on this tragic day. The example and professionalism they have set will shape future generations of police officers throughout Wyoming and across our great country. All of Wyoming and the law enforcement community are so thankful for Officer Carlson’s recovery and Officer Garrett’s resolve.”On Saturday, April 24th, Retired Officer Jacob Carlson and Officer Randi Garrett were awarded the Congressional Badge of Bravery for their heroic actions on May 6th, 2018. We are so grateful to have them among those who have courageously served the citizens of Casper.To read more about the Congressional Badge of Bravery please visit bja.ojp.gov/program/badgeofbravery.To read more about the May 6th, 2018 incident please visit bja.ojp.gov/…/recipients/2018/carlson-garrett.#ourcommunity#bettertogether

April 23, 2021 – lease help us welcome your two newest Casper Police Officers!
Officer Courtney Brackenrich, a local from right here in Casper and former CPD Records Technician.
Officer Richard Brown Jr., joining us from Virginia, along with his family and new baby boy, born just a few days ago.
Both officers began their training this week through the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy.
Welcome to the CPD family and thank you for choosing to protect and serve #ourcommunity!
April 15, 2021 – In Natrona County, no call goes unanswered.
For our public safety telecommunicators, the situations encountered over the last year exposed some vulnerabilities. With the threat of one of our staff members becoming sick with COVID and the devastating, impacts that could have on services, the Casper-Natrona County Public Safety Communications Center (PSCC) went into lockdown for several months.
At any given time, this regional dispatch facility has only three telecommunicators working. That is three people answering emergency 911 calls and non-emergency calls for nearly every single first responding agency in Natrona County along with coordinating the responses for the first responders themselves. While these highly trained professionals handle that immense daily stress without fail, there was room for improvement.
During large, multi-agency incidents, our dispatch team is coordinating responses and answering citizen calls nearly every minute of the day. Over the last several years, the dispatch center has had to manage many of these, and they did with a high level of professionalism and skill.
However, with the new threat of COVID in our lives, paired with the inevitable occurrence of a large-scale event, our team began asking the question, how can we make sure no call goes unanswered?
After months of research, and with tremendous support from the Natrona Country community and Casper City Council, the Casper-Natrona County Public Safety Communication Center has purchased and stood up a fully capable, mobile dispatch unit. According to Lori Jackson, PSCC Manager who has been with the center for over 23 years, PSCC is one of the first in the area to gain this capability. Even for larger metropolitan dispatch centers, a fully capable mobile dispatch console is not yet standard in most facilities. Further highlighting the magnitude of having this capability here in Natrona County.
The use of a mobile dispatch unit does not mean our telecommunicators will be answering calls from home on a regular basis, but instead that they have the capability to in emergencies. For example, during our recent major snowstorm in March, PSCC Manager Lori Jackson, who has been testing the unit in her home, was able to assist the team of dispatchers in the office over the course of several days when many were unable to leave their homes.
In the future, when the Natrona County Dispatch Team needs to assist large-scale operations such as a wildland fire, or other major tragedy, they have the ability to fully operate out of the Natrona County Mobile Command Unit – a capability that has not yet been possible to this extent.
Our team of highly skilled telecommunications in Natrona County are rarely given the recognition they deserve as true community heroes. These behind the scene first responders are the lifeline between a citizen in need and the help available to them. The addition of mobile dispatch units is one of many ways this team is working around the clock to ensure no call goes unanswered.
We are lucky and grateful to have this team of professionals serving #ourcommunity and we are proud to recognize them during National Dispatch Week.
March 31, 2021 – We recently had the privilege to recognize Officer Ben Baedke for fifteen years of dedicated service as a Casper Police Officer. Many members of #ourcommunity know Officer Baedke because of his nearly seven years of being a K9 handler. Before his most recent K9 partner, Officer Baedke served alongside K9 Vinn, who upon retirement last year, is living out his glory days at home with the Baedke family. Thankfully for us, Officer Baedke has a few good years left to serve the community we love. 😁 Thank you for your faithful and selfless service, Officer Baedke!

March 26, 2021 –

We know #ourcommunity can do amazing things when we come together. Today we want to share with you a message from one of your current Casper Police Officers, whose son is struggling with an extremely rare health condition. About a year ago, eight year old Sammy received a life changing diagnoses. He is one of fifteen children in the world – and he’s right here in Casper. His parents have been working tirelessly to find the best treatment options available and are excited to share the news that new research is being conducted.Below is a letter from Sammy’s parents. “In February of 2020, our eight year old son, Sammy, received a devastating diagnoses: UBTF mutation, a neurodegenerative disease which causes brain atrophy (death). This means, a normal development up to around age 2-3, followed by rapid decline in all areas including: speech, movement, cognition, learning, and finally, life sustaining skills (eating, drinking, breathing). This diagnoses was very hard to hear and we were given no hope. With such a rare diagnoses, no treatment research has been completed and funding is not readily available. The new possibility of research is such exciting news! ALL money generated goes to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA and will be used to directly study Sammy and about four to seven other children in the U.S. who have received this diagnoses. The goal is to understand more about the disease, it’s destructive nature and hopefully find a treatment or cure. We appreciate any and all support, sending ‘Sammy loves’ to you all! You can visit the fundraising page for Sammy’s research here 👉🏻https://because.massgeneral.org/fundraiser/3116155Please help us spread awareness and raise funds for a possible cure!Sammy’s Parents: Raechyl and Rollie (307) 272-0671Right now, The Ink Spot Tattoos and Piercings in Casper is holding a special fundraiser. Visit their page for more information.”#savingsammy#bettertogether

March 24, 2021 – The flags in front of the Natrona County Hall of Justice fly at half-staff today in honor and remembrance of the victims of the tragedy in Boulder, Colorado. The Casper Police Department’s deepest sympathies extend to the community of Boulder, as well as to the loved ones of Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley and his law enforcement family. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
March 23, 2021 – Our good friends at the Natrona County Library stopped by to say thanks and bring us some treats. It was really kind of them to fit us into their schedule, we hear they are pretty booked.
#ourcommunity #bettertogether #dadjokesallday
March 17, 2021 – No crime today please, we’re busy helping to deliver some delicious food with Meals on Wheels for some of our wonderful citizens. #ourcommunity
March 14, 2021 – Enjoying another beautiful day protecting and serving the wonderful citizens of Casper… who we would like to remind to please stay home if you can. 😁 #bettertogether
March 12 – Our friend Skyler stopped by this week to hand-deliver some custom stickers she made for us. We love helping to support #ourcommunity and small local businesses. It’s important to STICK together. 😁Thanks Skyler! #bettertogether
February 28, 2021 – This week we sent our budget analyst, Vicky Macy, riding off into the sunset for a well-deserved retirement. During her 31 years of dedicated selfless service to the citizens of Casper, Vicky has impacted countless lives. Vicky has kept this department running for decades. She is dearly loved and appreciated by hundreds of CPD team members who have had the honor of getting to know her over the years. From securing crucial funding and running day-to-day budget operations, to single-handedly sewing the patches onto every single officer’s uniform and creating and maintaining our historical archives – Vicky has been the glue that held our team together for years. We will miss you, Vicky!
Please join us in saying THANK YOU to Vicky, who dedicated her career to the safety of #ourcommunity.
February 17, 2021 – Please help us welcome your newest Casper Police Officer, Officer Bill Grossklas!
Officer Grossklas and his family recently moved to Casper from Chicago, Illinois. Officer Grossklas joins our team with over five years of prior experience working for the Chicago Police Department where he spent most of his time assigned to a specialized gang unit. Officer Grossklas is also a firefighter and paramedic.
Officer Grossklas is supported by his wife and two children and now, the entire city of Casper! We’re so excited to welcome him to #ourcommunity.
February 1, 2021

Your Officer of the Quarter is… Officer Craig Morrison! In the absence of his team’s sergeant, Officer Morrison spent several weeks leading his team during the 4th Quarter of 2020 as the acting sergeant. During that time, he took command of his team and made sound decisions without hesitation. Officer Morrison continues to be an informal leader within the Casper Police Department and someone other officers respect and trust. Please help us congratulate Officer Craig Morrison on this achievement!

January 25, 2021
January 13, 2021
January 7, 2021
January 2, 2021 – Please welcome your two newest Casper Police Officers to #ourcommunity!
Officer Andrew Lincowski of Tuscon, Arizona and Officer Ryan Brownwell of Rock Island, Illinois were recently sworn in as Casper Police Officers.
Both of these hard working individuals are multi-year police veterans who are bringing years of experience to protect and serve you. We are proud to welcome them to Casper!
December 22, 2020 – Please help us congratulate Officer Munday, your Officer of the Quarter!
Officer Munday was nominated for his outstanding work ethic. Over the last several months, multiple community organization partners have commended Officer Munday on his professionalism and dedication to serving the people of Casper.
Officer Munday’s leadership and willingness to step up help set him apart and is why we are proud to honor him as our Officer of the Quarter. Congratulations Officer Munday!
November 27th, 2020: It’s a great day to be a Casper Police Officer. #servicewithasmile
November 18th, 2020: It has been 95 years since the Casper Police Department has had our only line of duty death. Today we honor and remember the life and service of Officer George F. Radden who tragically lost his life in service to #ourcommunity on November 18th, 1925.
We are so fortunate here at the department to continue to have a relationship with members of the Radden Family both near and far. We cherish the impact he has left on our law enforcement family. Please join us today as we honor and remember the life and legacy of Casper Police Officer George Radden.
You can read more about Officer Radden on his official Officer Down Memorial Page here -> https://www.odmp.org/officer/10950-officer-george-f-radden?fbclid=IwAR0Bh0yD_O9GCtqVTCyHkH6UfQQp_39IxQfRvODhUpDkQADUJCgQ3S3pMbU#:~:text=Officer%20George%20Radden%20succumbed%20to,fire%20on%20November%2015th%2C%201925.&text=Officer%20Radden%20had%20served%20with%20the%20Casper%20Police%20Department%20for%2011%20months
October 4th, 2020: Please help us congratulate your Officer of the Quarter, Officer Funch!
Officer Funch faithfully serves on our Traffic Team. In recent months, he has also spearheaded our Community Service Officer team by training and developing new employees. His service to #ourcommunity makes Casper a better, safer place every single day. Thank you for your service Officer Funch!
July 11th, 2020: This week we had the absolute honor of meeting and recognizing our friend Natalie. Recently, Natalie intervened when she became a witness in a domestic violence situation. While the incident is still under investigation, we just couldn’t wait to tell everyone how PROUD we are of her. We believe Natalie may have saved a life by her incredible act of courage and bravery and should be honored for doing so. We are so humbled to protect and serve the people of our community just like Natalie – we are so proud of you!

July 10th, 2020: When our friends at Mercer Family Resource Center asked us to be a part of their annual Family Day celebration, we jumped at the opportunity! This incredible event encourages, facilitates, and promotes families spending quality time together. Well over one hundred families drove through to receive a ‘day in the park’ package which included lunch, books, and lots of fun activities.

We believe strong families are the foundation of a strong community – and there is no stronger community than ours. We love you, Casper! #BetterTogether

July 3rd, 2020: Our friends with the Casper Legion Post came to an early morning patrol team briefing to honor our Officer Jake Bigelow with their Lawman of the Year award! 👏👏👏 Please help us congratulate Officer Bigelow!
Officer Bigelow was also selected as our CPD 2019 Officer of the Year.
June 29, 2020:
While on the Friday night midnight shift, one of our officers returned to his car to find this note on the windshield. You never cease to amaze us Casper. The incredible people of this community are what keeps us going! Thank you!
(June 21, 2020) Happy Father’s Day to all you incredible dads out there! Here at the Casper Police Department, we’re proud supporters of terrible dad jokes. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a laugh on us. #WeLoveCasper #BetterTogether
(May 29, 2020) We are so proud of all of our Casper 2020 High School Graduates!! We look forward to seeing all the GREAT things you will accomplish in life. We are so proud of the wonderful young adults you have become. See ya around town, but also…hopefully we don’t. #begoodoutthere #webelieveinyou
#WELOVECASPER #BetterTogether
(May 26, 2020) When Justin called the Casper Police Department to report damage done to his property a couple weeks ago, Officer Tony Ho responded. Here at CPD, our officers treat each call with the same level of respect and professionalism as the last. It’s an honor to protect and serve you, Justin, and every single member of our community. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we’re doing.
“Officer T. Ho was the responding officer and exhibited professional and courteous police work while surveying the scene and gathering evidence. He examined every avenue and explored every detail with a calm and deliberate demeanor that put all at ease and gained everyone’s confidence. Officer Ho identified and gathered the perpetrators several hours later without incident. The successful apprehension is not the determining factor in appreciating officer Ho’s performance. His conduct from start to conclusion makes him a consummate professional and police officer. We Thank Officer Ho as well as our community.”
(May 12, 2020) This year, we’re celebrating National Police Week a little different by saying THANK YOU to all the other front line workers who have sacrificed so much during this difficult time. You all have amazed us with your dedication to our incredible community. We’re so proud to serve the people of this city. We. LOVE. Casper.
(April 23, 2020) Think you can’t get pulled over during a coronavirus pandemic? Think again. We’re geared up and ready to keep this community safe. We are so proud to serve all of you, don’t forget – we are in this together! Oh, also wear your seatbelt, don’t forget that either.
#BetterTogether #CoronaCops #WeLoveCasper
(April 15, 2020) Help us celebrate our team during National Public Safety Tele-Communicators Week! Thank you Leslie, we appreciate you!
(March 24, 2020) Casper crime fightin’ can’t stop just because Coronavirus is in town. We’re using a lot of protective measures and taking care of cop stuff a little differently – but we still need your help catching bad guys and gals.
Seriously though folks, we think you are awesome. Stay safe (and stay home). We’re in this together.
If you know the whereabouts of any of the featured wanted persons, please send us a message or give us a call at 307-235-8278.
(March 9, 2020) “Can you FaceTime me?” eight-year-old Delilah asked after dialing 911.
It wasn’t a request Amanda had ever received while on an emergency call.
Amanda Munoz is a tele-communicator with the Casper-Natrona County Public Safety Communication’s Center. For over six years, she’s been the calm voice on the other end of the line, getting our community help when they need it.
Delilah had just found her mother appearing to be unconscious on the floor. Without hesitation, she dialed 911.
Delilah’s mom, Griselda, has been having conversations with her daughter since she was five years old about what to do in case of an emergency. Living with a serious medical condition, Griselda knew it was crucial for her daughter to know how to call for help if the need arose.
On Sunday, February 9th, 2020 at 5:46pm, it did.
When Amanda answered the 911 call, she heard a young girl scream. Her motherly instinct immediately took over. Delilah, alone and scared, did her best to tell Amanda what was going on. In the midst of chaos, Delilah knew there had to be a better way to tell the dispatchers what was happening – through FaceTime.
Amanda looked up at her supervisor, Erin, and told her about the eight-year-old’s request.
“Let’s do it, if that’s what she needs, let’s do it,” Erin said.
Erin Tower is a lead tele-communicator at PSCC. In her eight years of dispatching emergency services, no one has ever asked to FaceTime.
In Natrona County, Wyoming, residences are spread far and wide. Which means, sometimes emergency services can take a little longer to respond. In this case, Erin and Amanda were getting ready to walk Delilah through how to do CPR on her mom when there was a knock at the door.
Twelve minutes after the call was first received, crews arrived on scene. They transported Griselda by ambulance to a local hospital – with Delilah riding right by her side in the back. Today, Griselda is doing better.
Together with the Casper-Natrona County Public Safety Communications Center, Griselda and Delilah are working to spread a life-saving message about the importance of talking with your kids about how and when to call 911. They believe their experience can help save countless lives.
“We both have children around Delilah’s age,” Erin said. “Being in this job, we know how crucial it is to have those hard talks with your kids about what to do in case of an emergency. I ask my daughter all the time, ‘What is our address? And what is your mom’s real name?’ We also try to make sure she has memorized phone numbers of close family or friends.”
“We all care about our community, that’s why we work here,” said Amanda. “We’re going to do what we need to do to help people. When talking with a child I always think, ‘If this was my kid, how would I calm them? How would I talk to them?’ It made her feel better that we could see what she was seeing. We were no longer just a voice on the phone.”
On March 5th, 2020, Delilah and her mom came to visit the dispatchers who took her call. Lori Jackson, PSCC Manager, presented Delilah with a Certificate of Appreciation for her life-saving efforts and dedication to helping others.
We believe it takes all of us to keep our community safe. Please, talk with your children about how and when to call 911. Make sure they know crucial information about medical conditions, addresses, and names. We hope that your child will never have to call us for help, but if they do, the Casper-Natrona County Public Safety Communication’s Center is here for them twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. #BetterTogether
The Casper Police Department is dedicated to the protection and safety of our community through the highest standards of professionalism in police services.
(March 8, 2020) It’s International Women’s Day and we’re celebrating the selfless service of our extraordinary female officers. These women protect and serve our community every single day and we are honored to have them as part of the Casper Police Department.
At the Casper Police Department, women make up around 33% of the total team and 10% of our sworn officers – in line with the national average.
In the video, the officers are reading a revised version of a poem by Nina Green.
(March 2, 2020) “The first time you do CPR on somebody, the first time you go into a building that’s on fire, the first time somebody tries to pull a gun on you – they’re all intense in different ways and they all leave their lasting memory.”
Casper Police Lieutenants Dan Dundas and Ben Mattila recently sat down with KTWO-TV’s David Furtado to talk about a topic that is all to often avoided – mental health.
Our law enforcement officers in Casper, and those across the nation, see the darkest side of humanity. They’ve decided to sacrifice themselves for the protection and safety of their communities. As you’ll hear in the story, it takes its toll.
At the Casper Police Department, we don’t shy away from talking about the hard things. We believe to be effective in protecting and serving our community, the mental health of our officers should be a top priority.
In recent years, we’ve made tremendous strides by standing up the peer support team, conducting critical incident debriefs and implementing specific mental health training for our officers at all levels.
As the past stigma of mental health fades in our country and more resources become available, our professional programs to better prepare and care for our officers will continue to grow.
We are beyond thankful and lucky to have the support we have from our community. You all make a huge difference in our ability to do the job we’ve been called to do – and feel supported doing it. You are why we come back day after day. Thank you, Casper. #BetterTogether
(February 26, 2020) Officer Mower escaped the cold and spent his afternoon wrapped up with the quilt club ladies at Primrose Retirement. #quiltyascharged
These incredible women spent countless hours hand-making quilts for victims of crimes in our community. These acts of kindness go a long way in letting victims know they are not alone. Thank you for your support. #bettertogether
(February 23, 2020) “Make yourself known – that you’re not going to take anybody’s crap. You’re out there and you have just as much access to the world as anybody else.”
This week, CPD Detective Shannon Daley poked a little fun at a recent personal experience to shed light on an important topic – Women’s Safety and Situational Awareness. Watch the full video to hear her tips about how to increase your safety in this world by making yourself known and having a support system to be there for you.
We are honored to partner with local organizations like Wyoming Medical Center to help us all keep Casper safe. #bettertogether
(February 21, 2020) This week, we were invited to participate in Casper College’s Living Library.
Casper Police Detective Jesse Jones shared his story of service to dozens of community members who participated in the event. Detective Jones has spent his life in service to others. A Wyoming raised kid, he began in the oil industry before joining the military. After leaving the military, he served in various areas of law enforcement in Wyoming before joining the Casper PD family four years ago.
Today, Detective Jones serves as our only digital forensic investigator. From recovering deleted files off of computers to tracking a suspect’s location from a smartphone, his unique skill set and expertise help to solve and prevent crime in Casper every single day.
Thank you for what you do for our community, Detective Jones.
(February 16, 2020) Thank you to our friends at Wyoming News Now for spending some time with our telecommunicator team! These dispatchers are the unsung heroes of public safety. Ready to have a career where you make a life-saving difference every single day? Dispatch may be the perfect fit for you. Check out the job application below, or send us a message to learn more. https://www.governmentjobs.com/career…
(February 14, 2020) Check out Lieutenant Dan’s latest list of wanted folks to learn why your Casper Police Officers will soon be freezin’ for a reason.
You can learn more and donate to Special Olympics Wyoming by visiting https://www.firstgiving.com/team/398864
Watch us freeeeze! Friday, February 21st, 5:00pm at the Casper Rec Center pool (1801 E 4th St)
If you know the whereabouts of any of our featured wanted persons, please give us a call at 307-235-8278.
(February 12, 2020) Sine, Cosine and Tangent – if those words take you back to sophomore math class you’re not alone.
Well-meaning teachers tried to warn us that we would someday need to use these math skills in real life. Maybe as an architect or engineer, but as a police officer? Absolutely.
Officer Chris Funch has served our community as part of the Casper Police Department for twelve years. For nine of those, he has dedicated himself to being one of the top traffic accident investigators on the force.
Recently, Officer Funch earned his certification as an investigator specializing in pedestrian and bicycle crashes involving a vehicle.
In 2019 and already in 2020, we’ve seen several crashes involving bicycles and pedestrians that resulted in major bodily injuries and even death. Seeing this devastating trend first hand, Officer Funch took it upon himself to make a difference.
Because of their unique nature, special techniques are required to investigate and reconstruct these incidents.
Officer Funch’s certification addresses the special dynamics involved in pedestrian and bicycle traffic crashes. From reaction times to victim injury analysis to environmental factors, he learned to recognize and interpret the evidence and correlate it with the collision sequence.
With his trusty Texas Instruments calculator, Officer Funch puts his trigonometry knowledge to work. Paired with additional expertise in calculus and physics, he’s able to investigate an accident scene. By using the information available at the scene such as debris placement, the direction of travel, and environmental factors – he’s able to calculate the estimated travel speed and other crucial pieces of information that can help solve crime and bring those responsible to justice – which ultimately helps to prevent these incidents and save lives.
Crashes involving a pedestrian or bicycle are extremely dangerous and deadly. As someone who has investigated and seen hundreds of tragic traffic incidents, Officer Funch has some advice, “Slow down, pay attention to the driving. Bicyclists, follow the traffic laws and don’t assume that a vehicle will see you. Pedestrians, don’t assume that the vehicle sees you and use crosswalks.”
We’re proud to have you serving our community, Officer Funch! To all the math teachers out there, you make a difference, thank you for what you do.

January 25th, 2020

Making fast friends is something we like to think we’re pretty good at as police officers. This week, we met our match.

The kids at Miss Ashlee’s Preschool welcomed us, quite literally, with open arms. Together we talked about safety, met K9 Kevin and explored patrol cars. Most importantly though, we had a chance to sit on a gym floor, criss-cross apple sauce and cultivate some new friendships that we hope will last a lifetime. 

January 20th, 2020

“Everybody can be great… because anybody can serve.” “You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Today we had the privilege of protecting our community as they marched in Casper’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade. Every year we are honored to play a small part in this tradition – and each year we grow more proud of those who call Casper home.

January 14th, 2020

Last night, an incredible organization called Shield616 donated tens of thousands of dollars of new armor to CPD through the generous giving of two local families.

While receiving this donation will help further protect our officers, the best part about the donation was the opportunity it gave us to connect with our community.

Dozens of community members came out to simply show us that we’re supported. One of the goals of Shield616 is to surround police officers with encouragement and support – before a potential tragedy rallies them to do so.

We left yesterday feeling more protected, proud of our new gear, and even more proud to serve Casper – our community.

January 13th, 2020

“It was shortly before 8pm tonight, when my heart was set on grabbing a quick meal and heading home. Already having been several hours over shift, from a true ‘Monday.’ I made my order at the Arby’s on CY Ave while sitting in line behind a black Honda Ridgeline, riddled with NC and Mustang memorabilia. I patiently waited, and began to recount my day, when I observed a young male with two passengers laughing in the vehicle ahead.
Then, I started to realize there was some plan being worked out between that driver and the employees he spoke with. Surely enough, my time came and I pulled up to the window. Only to be handed my food with a refusal of payment. The young lady chuckled, and said, ‘They paid for your food, and said to tell you, thank you for your service.’
Struck with confirmation and humility, I thanked her, and rushed to catch the Honda as it was waiting to turn into CY. Only for the driver to beat me again and flee, bearing all the kindness for themselves.
This goes out to you, NC Mustang repping Honda Ridgeline – I see you, and you are one of the many reasons I wade through the struggles of this profession, day after day. Thank you for being someone who spreads kindness, in a world that all too often lacks it.”
Sincerely, SGT Mitch Baker

January 9th, 2020

Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day!

Students from the Natrona County School District recently wrote these cards for local law enforcement officers and it got us thinking.

There’s never an ‘easy’ day when you serve in Law Enforcement. Some days we see more joy than sadness. But the days we get those little glimpses that what we’re doing makes a difference in your life, to your family, OUR community… those are the days that make all of it worth it to us.

Thank you, Casper! Thank you for your support, we couldn’t do this without you. Thank you for trusting us to protect and serve you. It’s our honor and our privilege to do so. We think you’re pretty awesome.


January 3rd, 2020

Nothing says, “Let’s get to work” like a good messy bun. In the last month, these three officers have responded to around 175 calls for service and made nearly 25 arrests.

Safe to say that a little cold weather doesn’t get in our way of protecting and serving.


December 30th, 2019

When you need us. We are there – ready to respond.

Yesterday, Officer Amanda Cook, standing about 5’2 was the first responder on scene to a report of an unconscious adult male. Singlehandedly, Officer Cook moved the over 6 foot, nearly 200-pound unresponsive male from his bed to the floor where she began CPR. She continued these lifesaving resuscitation measures until emergency medical personnel arrived and took over. The male’s pulse returned and he was transported to the hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Officer Cook’s quick thinking and commitment to serving undoubtedly helped to save a life. We’re thankful to have her selflessness as part of our team – protecting our community.

December 29th, 2019

With over 800 hours of on-the-job training completed, Heather Gilliland is now serving our community as a telecommunicator, also known as a dispatcher, at the Casper-Natrona County Public Safety Communications Center.
Heather began her professional career as a Petroleum Engineer, but with the economic downturn of 2014 came a lay off from her job. As fate would have it, a friend recommended she look into becoming a dispatcher.
“I decided to do a complete career change,” Heather said. “I’ve never been happier with a decision.”
She says one of the most valuable tools she learned during the intense training period was how to remain calm during intense situations.
“There are times that we do become affected by certain calls. There are some things that do follow us home and affect us. While we don’t see what happens on scene, sometimes hearing it is just as difficult.”
Heather says she wants the community to know that while being a telecommunicator can be a difficult job at times it’s also a rewarding one.
“From taking a call to dispatching a unit… or even just staying on the phone with someone while waiting for responders to get there means a lot to me, because I know that they’ve gotten the help they need.”

December 27th, 2019

Detective Shannon Daley (left) was recently sworn in as a FBI Task Force Officer and we’re proud to say there’s no better woman for the job.
With over a decade of professional work and education in criminal financial investigations, Detective Daley has worked in close coordination with the FBI and other federal agencies for years.
“Oftentimes, financial crime can encompass both state and federal law violations,” Daley said.
As a FBI Task Force Officer, Detective Daley is now able to run and organize investigations through either federal or local channels independently. While she says she’s looking forward to growing her investigative skills and meeting other professionals, there’s one factor that drives her passion above others – to “thwart crime against the citizens of Casper and the United States.”
Please help us congratulate Detective Daley on this incredible accomplishment. Thank you for keeping our community, and our country, safe!

December 26th, 2019

Tawny Arellano is one of our dedicated telecommunicators at the Casper-Natrona County Public Communications Center. After twelve weeks of training, she is excited to start the job.
For her, this career path started at a young age.
“Being a telecommunicator for me comes from a terrible experience that I had when I was 12 years old. Later in life, I remember wanting to say thank you to the other person on the line that night and thinking how can I be that person? I always knew I wanted to help people and this position has allowed me to make an impact in my community… even if it is small.”
From the very first day on the job, she knew being a telecommunicator was what she was meant to do.
“A behind the scenes hero is someone who isn’t seen by the public. We are often overlooked as being first responders since we are the voice on the other side of the phone. However, the work that we perform is essential to every call.”
Telecommunicators are the ultimate professionals in multi-tasking. But that’s a part of the job not everyone gets to see.
“I wish the general public knew how much we have going on. At times I am talking on the phone, typing that conversation, listening to my radio traffic, logging what is being said, updating my field units, and listening to my partners in the room all.”
At the end of the day, Tawny says she is proud to be part of an organization where she gets to make a true impact on the community she lives in.
“I get to go home every night know that I helped someone.”

December 24th, 2019

Please help us congratulate our newest member of the Casper Police Department – Officer Zachary Hunter from Westminster, Colorado.
Officer Hunter will be joining our other three new recruits at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in January 2020.
Congratulations Officer Hunter, we are proud to have you on our team!

December 20th, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered about the next generation of Casperites, let us tell you – they are pretty incredible.

A group of fifth-graders from Verda James Elementary School wanted to help the community this Christmas. On their own, they decided to help those in need who utilize the services and shelter of the Self-Help Center in Casper.

These selfless students donated self-hygiene items and even worked together with local businesses to gather donations.

We’re so proud to watch our Casper kids grow up into caring and giving members of our community. Moms and Dads – you’re doing a great job! Thanks for letting us help protect their future.🎅

CPD and our Victim Services Unit works in close relationship with our friends at the Self-Help Center when finding a safe place for victims of domestic violence.

December 16th, 2019

👏👏Please help us congratulate our newest Casper Police Officers!
Officer Garrett Williams – Casper, Wyoming
Officer RyeAnn Williams – Casper, Wyoming
Officer Jon Ramsey – Clyde, North Carolina
These officers were sworn in on Monday, December 9th and will begin the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy on January 6th, 2020.
Thank you for your commitment to protect and serve our community!

He’s a mean one… and tonight he’s behind bars thanks to the help of Casper kids this weekend at David Street Station!

The Grinch is currently rehabilitating with 24/7 Christmas carols, gingerbread cookies, and hot cocoa. Maybe he’ll clean up his act in time for next year – if not, he’s back on the CPD Naughty List.
Huge thank you to our friends at David Street Station for allowing us to take down the grinch on your property!

December 13th, 2019

⭐️Thank you to everyone who came out for TIP A COP!

Over two nights, Natrona County Law Enforcement helped to fundraise $5,247.74 for Special Olympics Wyoming! ⭐️

We love being a part of this program and the opportunity it gives us to interact with our community all while raising money for some incredible athletes.


December 12th, 2019

The holiday season is our favorite for many reasons, but playing Santa’s Little Helpers for our Casper kids is definitely at the top of our list. 🎅

Shop with a Cop is an annual program we participate in along with our Natrona County law enforcement partners. Kiddos from around the community submit applications to join in on the fun. Our generous local Walmarts donate the funds to allow each child to pick out gifts for Christmas.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to build positive, life-long relationships with Casper’s next generation and help them have a very Merry Christmas!

December 4th, 2019

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Especially for the children in our community who are part of the foster care system, we know all too well how true that is.

Last night we had the time of our lives helping to celebrate Christmas with the Department of Family Services. These children deserve the world and we’re committed to helping to make their futures bright.

Thank you, DFS, for helping to take care of our Casper kids!


December 2nd, 2019

🐻💙 We found this cuddly cub outside the police department recently. He was in the street, shivering cold and very scared. With some snuggles and cider, he warmed up to us. Since becoming friends we’ve played in the snow, patrolled around town and put some bad bears behind bars. But the time has come for him to go home and we need your help to find his family.

Please share this post to get this little guy back home before the holidays.

November 28th, 2019

We’re thankful for a lot here at Casper PD. Donuts, coffee, and gently placing handcuffs on bad guys are amongst the top, but our number one is always the privilege we have to serve you, Casper – OUR community.
From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26th, 2019

Ever wonder what happens to lost or stolen bicycles?

When we receive a lost, stolen or otherwise lonely bicycle, we try our best to find the owner. Sadly, many times that just isn’t possible. So, rather than auction the bikes off – we choose to place them back into the community… under new and very deserving ownership.

This year, four local organizations – The Hope House, Natrona County Child Protection, The Science Zone and The Boys and Girls Club – submitted applications to receive the bikes.

Some organizations, such as Hope House, refurbish the bikes and give them to recently incarcerated men who are rebuilding their lives and use the bikes to get to and from work. Others, such as Natrona County Child Protection, work with local organizations to get the bikes in tip-top shape and into the hands of local foster kids as Christmas presents.

We’re so thankful to be a part of a community with such a huge heart for taking care of others. We’re proud to partner together in serving, protecting and spreading a little Christmas cheer.


November 24th, 2019

Please help us congratulate our new CASPER POLICE OFFICERS!
(left to right)
Officer Luke Dopke
Officer Steven Jensen
Officer Tyler Kauffman
These fine CPD officers just graduated the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in Douglas, Wyoming and are back home just in time for Thanksgiving. We are so proud of these young men and the great service they will provide in protecting our community. Congratulations!

November 22nd, 2019

Help us spread the word, Casper – “You Can’t Candy Coat a DUI”

This week, agencies and organizations from across the county came together to bring awareness to a tragic trend we see during the holiday season – impaired driving.

We’re proud to stand with our Natrona County First Responder Partners in fighting impaired driving in our community.

Celebrate responsibly this holiday season. If you don’t, we’ll be looking for you. We have zero-tolerance for impaired driving and are working together with all law enforcement agencies to prevent all alcohol-related crashes over the holiday season.

A DUI can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, your job, and your life – not to mention the lives of others. Choose safety this holiday season, you can’t candy coat a DUI.

Thank you to Casper College for heading up this annual campaign which has been running strong now for 19 years. It is through these strong community partnerships that real change happens.

November 18th, 2019

Today marks 93 years since Casper Police Officer George F. Radden tragically lost his life in service to our community. Officer Radden is the only line of duty death at the Casper Police Department.

The following obituary was recently written by a member of the Radden family who still resides in Casper. Please help us remember Fallen CPD Officer Radden today.

“George F. Radden is the only officer at the Casper Police Department to have died in the line of duty. He was born March 18, 1885 in Arcadia, Iowa, growing up in a German farming community on the Missouri -Mississippi divide.
Instead of following plow and planter, George attended Highland Park College in Des Moines, Iowa, attaining certification as a Stationary Engineer, competent in mechanics, steam, and electricity. He completed an apprenticeship with the Electrical Workers Union and worked as a journeyman electrician in Centerville, South Dakota, South Sioux City, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

Moving his wife, Caroline, sons Stanley and Warren, and daughters, Georgia and Nettie from Sioux City to Cheyenne in a Franklin Air-Cooled Touring Car was a serious adventure in the days of no highways, few roads, and undependable automobiles. Events soon escalated when his Franklin was stolen, later recovered in Casper.

In 1919, he found a job in refinery construction in Casper and filed a homestead claim on Casper Creek, near the present-day Casper-Natrona County International Airport. With the confidence of his Iowa dryland farming heritage and a most fortunate growing season for that region, he planted and harvested a substantial corn crop – an achievement next accomplished 30 years later after the Kendrick Irrigation Project was completed.

After proving up on the waterless homestead, George moved his family into town so that his children had better access to school. Unfortunately, the economic slump after World War I caught up with refinery construction, and George lost his job.

Looking for another way to support his family, George took the position of motorcycle officer on the Casper Police Department in January of 1925, the one patrol officer on the night shift. Bar Street, the Sandbar, residential areas, and Yellowstone Highway were territories that he covered on his cycle with a sidecar.

On the morning of November 15, 1925, just before the end of Radden’s shift, a citizen called in that a fire truck heading to a fire in North Casper had lost a nozzle in the street. Instead of going home when relieved, he picked up the nozzle and attempted to take it to the fire site. His three-wheeler sideswiped a vehicle pulling out of a service station, and he suffered massive head injuries. Firefighters on their way back to the station documented the event in their log, commandeered a dray wagon (flat-bed truck), and took him to the hospital. After a heroic attempt at brain surgery by local physicians, George succumbed to his injuries on November 18. He left behind his wife and five children to continue without him. His third daughter, Lorraine, had been born just six weeks earlier.

Officer George Radden is remembered for his selfless heroism by those who had the honor of knowing him, and all of whom keep his memory alive. Officer Radden’s acts of courage on this day are an integral part of the Casper, Wyoming community and his family legacy remains strong nearly a century later.”

We also encourage you to visit Officer Radden’s Officer Down Memorial Page – odmp.org/officer/10950-officer-george-f-radden

November 16th, 2019

🎁When our community partners from the Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission reached out and told us they wanted to help kids in need have a happy holiday season, we knew just what to do.

Employees from the Commission donated dozens of stuffed animals for foster children. This week, they gave those animals to our friends from the Department of Family Services.

Just in time, too! On December 3rd, DFS is holding its annual holiday party for our foster children in Natrona County. This event serves over one hundred foster children and their families. Each child gets a gift and a chance to meet the jolly man himself, Santa Claus.

As partners in serving our kids, Casper Police Officers also attend this event to help celebrate the holidays. We are so thankful for all of these organizations and their commitment to giving back to our kids who need us the most. #BetterTogether

Learn more about the incredible work of DFS at -> dfs.wyo.gov

November 12th, 2019

November 11, 2019

🇺🇸 What does it mean to have a servant’s heart? 💙

For us, it means someone who spends their life in service to others; who puts the needs of someone else, their community or their country above themselves. Many of our officers and team members began their journey serving others long before they joined the Casper Police Department family.

Today, we ask that you join us in honoring them, our veterans, whose servant hearts lead them to be a part of the United States Military, protecting the lives of all Americans – and then brought them back home to us here in Casper, where they use the same heart that served all over the world, to protect our little corner of it.

A special thank you to our two currently deployed Casper Police Officers – we can’t wait to have you back in town, safe and sound. Thank you for your service.

November 9th, 2019

Processing a major crime scene is not something we plan on doing any time soon, but if the occasion arises, we’re ready.

This week, the Casper Police Department had the privilege of teaching nearly 20 students from around the region. They came to town to be a part of our law enforcement certified course called Evidence Technician Techniques.

The class was taught by two CPD officers, Lieutenant Brown and Sergeant Berg, both 10-20 year veterans of the department and highly skilled evidence technician experts.

Law enforcement personnel from around the state, and now the country, are coming to Casper to learn from them. Their goal is to get all departments on the same page about how to process a major crime scene. They say the ability for different agencies to work together during crucial moments once arriving on scene influences everything about that case.

The organization of working a major crime scene and the manner in which evidence is collected can make or break the ability for detectives and attorneys to find suspects and prosecute them in court.

Lieutenant Brown and Sergeant Berg stress this importance to their students during the course. They believe evidence is the key to solving crimes and getting victims the closure they deserve, which in many instances is a dangerous suspect off of the streets and justice in a courtroom.

The photos associated with this post are of a MOCK crime scene. After a week of intense 12-16 hour a day instruction, students put their knowledge to the test.

Being in Wyoming, oftentimes police departments are forced to travel and outsource for highly qualified training opportunities. The Casper Police Department is proud to have the ability to train our fellow Wyoming and regional police departments. We know that by working together, we can more quickly and effectively solve and prevent crime in our communities, and we are committed to doing so.


October 31st, 2019

Happy Halloween, Casper! Lieutenant Dan is here to remind you to protect your firearms from goons and goblins. Bring them inside today and every day.
If you know the whereabouts of the featured wanted persons, shoot us a message or call us at 307-235-8278.

It’s Trick or Treat time at the Casper Police Department! We would like to thank these two junior Casper Police Officers for their great work in capturing a 🍬 candy 🍭 crook. Well done, officers and Happy Halloween! 🎃

October 28th, 2019

October 27th, 2019

My presence as a School Resource Officer in the schools is a clear sign of safety and security for the kids. No child should feel scared at school. I hope what I do allows these students to be able to focus on their work and just be a kid…knowing that I’m there to keep them safe.

The students I serve know they can come to me about anything and I’ll do everything I can as a police officer, mentor and friend to help them. The relationships we are building now with these kids will positively impact our community for years to come. While that’s a great benefit, I take it day by day – keep kids safe, care about their lives, and make them proud.

That’s my responsibility.

That’s why I serve in the schools.

– Casper Police School Resource Officer Justin Edberg

October 26th, 2019

🎃 We had a fa-boo-lous time today keeping minions, superheroes and princesses alike safe and sound crossing the street. 👻

Don’t forget to trick or treat yo’ self right this Halloween by following these safety tips:

– stay in groups
– wear reflective clothing or carry a flashlight
– stay with a trusted adult
– walk on sidewalks
– cross the street at crosswalks
– watch for cars

Read more about Halloween safety at safekids.org/tip/Halloween-safety-tips

October 24th, 2019

Building friendships with students helps them to see first-hand that police officers are here to help. The kids bring those thoughts about law enforcement back into their homes, to their moms, dads, sisters, and brothers. That one relationship can change the way an entire family views law enforcement.

Social media is powerful and our kids consume it every day. A lot of times, what they see are negative representations of police officers. By being in the school with the students, I get the chance to show and give them proof that we’re good guys, we’re here for them.

My presence in the school deters a lot of issues that may otherwise occur. If and when they do arise, I’m there, I’m ready to respond, I’m ready to do what it takes to protect the students, our kids, our community.

That’s my responsibility.

That’s why I serve in schools.

– Casper Police School Resource Officer Jessie Kler

October 22nd, 2019

For me, being a police officer is about working every day to make a positive impact on this community. I patrolled the streets for years. I served thousands of people, and I hope, positively impacted their lives.

But, nothing compares to being a School Resource Officer.

Going into my first day in the schools I had three goals:

1) Keep kids safe while they are at school.
2) Do everything I can to see every student graduate.
3) Be intentional in building personal lasting relationships.

I believe the positive impact I make on this community by being in our schools every day will fundamentally better Casper for generations to come. As a police officer and father to kids who will grow up in these schools as part of this community, this is my responsibility.

That’s why I serve in schools.

– Officer Ty Mower, School Resource Officer

October 21st, 2019

Serving the community as a School Resource Officer is one of the most special things we get to do as police officers. We know how lucky we are to be able to bond with these kiddos by seeing them every day, learning alongside them, helping them through life’s problems, keeping them safe…and, every now and then, playing a game of dodgeball.

It’s a privilege to form relationships with the next generation. We know the importance of investing in these students. Thank you, Casper, for trusting us to do so.

(pictured, Officer Mueller at Sagewood Elementary)

October 20th, 2019

We are committed to being intentional in our efforts to be a more inclusive police department. We strive to gain understanding and build relationships with our diverse community.
Recently, we had the great privilege of meeting with Berenice Rendon-Talvera, the Consul General of Mexico to talk about Mexican nationals that live in and contribute to central Wyoming.
“In our conversations we stressed the importance of helping to develop a trusting relationship between our community and law enforcement agencies and ways in we can work together in that direction,” the Consul’s office said in a statement to CPD.
The Consulate General of Mexico in Denver, as the representation of the Mexican Government, covers the state of Colorado, 13 counties on the eastern part of Wyoming and 23 eastern counties of Montana, and it is in charge of all issues related to Mexico and the interests of the Mexican citizens.
The Consul reached out to the Casper Police Department and Natrona County Sheriff’s Office to help bring awareness to the services they offer on behalf of their citizens who may be in our area.
“We discussed their nation’s effort to provide a newly redesigned Matricular Consular Identification for Mexican Nationals currently in the US via their remote services such as a mobile ID lab in a truck,” said Casper Police Chief Keith McPheeters. “As well as the need for verifiable identification that can be trusted by local law enforcement, and the established laws regarding consular notifications upon detaining a foreign national.”
The Casper Police Department has an unwavering dedication to our community and to each person we serve. We are proud to embrace the diversity housed within Casper. We strive to be pro-active in building relationships that lead to mutual understanding and trust for all members of our community.
We would like to thank the Consulate General Rendon-Talvera for her time and commitment to partnering with local US law enforcement groups to enable us to better serve our community.

October 17th, 2019

October may be Domestic Violence Awarness Month, but for us at the Casper Police Department, we’re aware of it all too often.
One of the ways we care for our community and victims of domestic abuse is through our Victim Service Unit. The Unit includes volunteers who live and work in our community who respond to crisis events and help victims.
Brenda has been a volunteer with the Victim Services Unit for years. Listen to her story as to why she volunteers and how she finds the joy in serving others.
If you are interested in learning more about the CPD Victim Services Unit or becoming a volunteer, please visit casperpolice.org/victim-service

October 16th, 2019

Taking the time to sing and dance with a rescued bird is just one of the many reasons we love Chief Keith McPheeters.
For National Boss’s Day, we asked our team what they love about the Chief. Here’s what they had to say:
“He takes the time to send out actual hand-written cards (for real)! For birthdays, important dates (e.g. work anniversaries), and condolences.” Stefanie, Records
“I appreciate how Chief expresses confidence in the ability of his leaders, and his professional criticism, giving me new avenues to explore on this journey.” Sergeant Baker
“I like his hair. I hope to have distinguished whitish hair one day as well.” Officer Islen
“I appreciate that he fights to get us the resources we need to do our jobs to the best of our ability.” Officer Hustead
“I appreciate his participation in community events.” Sergeant Ogden
“Chief McPheeters works hard every day to show this department and this community how much he cares.” Lieutenant Dundas
“He cares enough to ask his employees’ opinions.” Jacci, Property and Evidence
“He listens to you & genuinely wants to get to know you.” Amy, Records
“He has embraced the Casper community as his own and has a genuine concern for the citizens.” Bev, Administration
“I appreciate the cards he sends for every life event. Whether it is for a birthday or a family member passing, it is nice to know he takes the time to show he cares.” Officer Patrick
“I appreciate the Chief because he allows our input. It doesn’t matter what rank you are, how long you’ve been here, he will listen to you and will take it constructively. I also really appreciate that he is willing to show the public the light we spread and the good we do.” Officer Dunnuck
“Chief guides with encouragement and gives the team confidence to think outside the box and go beyond the traditional.” Officer Bigelow
“He takes time out of his day to see if I’m having a good day.” Debra, Property and Evidence
“Chief is a very thoughtful leader, checking in with employees not just during times of need.” Lieutenant Mattila
Thank you for all you do for us and this community. We appreciate you!

October 5th, 2019

Thank you to everyone who joined us for National Coffee with a Cop Day on October 2nd!

It meant so much to us to have so many of you take time out of your busy schedules to be a part of this day.

We had some open and honest conversations about how to make this community the best it can be.

We don’t always have the privilege of getting to know our community under the best circumstances…events like this help us change that. It’s our honor to protect Casper. Creating a positive and personal relationship with those we serve is something we are lucky to have here. Thanks for supporting us, we’re always here for you.


#Illbehereforyouuuu #andcoffee #wearealwayshereforcoffee

October 3rd, 2019

On Saturday, the Casper Police Department had the privilege of volunteering at Platte River Revival Volunteer Day 2019!

This day is a community-wide effort to clean up and restore the North Platte River. As a major environmental attraction and habitat in the Casper community, keeping the river safe and healthy effects all of us and is a priority of ours.

We’re committed to Casper, and we’re here for the long haul. Any chance we get to make this community, OUR community, a little better, we’re here for it. #BetterTogether

October 2nd, 2019

It may be National Walk to School Day, but we prefer to skip. 😎

We had the privilege today of walking to school with some Casper kiddos. We chatted about making sure we stop, look both ways, and make eye contact with drivers when crossing the roads. You can help your students stay safe as well by talking to them about safety on a regular basis.

Thank you to Safe Kids Worldwide and the Natrona County School District for your partnership!


September 27th, 2019

It’s been a long week here at CPD, so we thought we’d have a little fun.
While the weather has taken a turn for the cooler, we’re heatin’ it back up with episode II of ‘Dundas and Bigelow Eat Terrible Things.’
Starring Lieutenant Dundas, Officer Bigelow and two, very tiny, very mighty Carolina Reaper Peppers.
Enjoy Casper. But seriously, don’t try this at home.

We’ve got three new reasons to protect and serve the great community of Casper. 💗💗💗

Aspyn, Levi, and Quincey were all born to Casper Police Officers within two days of each other in August. These sweet girls will grow up loved by daddy’s who put their lives on the line every day to keep all of us safe.

They may not be there for every birthday and are bound to miss a soccer game but their love will always be shown through the sacrifices they make for you to grow up in a place you’re proud to call home.

Please help us welcome these precious girls into the Casper Police Department family, and our Casper community.

Oh, and also….

Who runs the world?