About Casper Police Department

The Casper Police Department serves as the police force of the city of Casper, Wyoming.  A mid-sized police organization of approximately 150 personnel, the Department is responsible for all municipal law enforcement operations, actions, and activities within its jurisdictional boundaries of Casper.  Lead by the Chief of Police, who reports to the City Manager, the Department is organizationally structured into three major subordinate commands: Field Operations Bureau, Investigative Services Division, and Police Support Services Bureau.  These subordinate commands execute the totality of police operations, including Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Traffic and Parking Enforcement, Victim Services, Police Records, Property and Evidence Management, Fleet Management, Public Safety Communication Center, and a whole host of other duties and responsibilities that are required for proper execution of law enforcement functions and mission accomplishment.  The approximately 150 personnel who comprise the Department are called to serve our community and take great pride, responsibility, and ownership in guarding and protecting our citizens and our community.


The Casper Police Department developed and subscribes to the below truths of law enforcement. These truths inform, assist, and guide in the Department’s planning, operations, and decision-making actions.  Quick-fix, reactionary decision-making degrades, disrupts, and hinders the Department over the long-term; thus, these truths are incorporated into both the operational and strategic decision-making processes.  Adherence to these truths during planning, operations, and decision-making activities ensures the Department is postured, resourced, and prepared for our current and future law enforcement duties.


  • People are more important than hardware.
  • Quality is better than quantity.
  • Competent law enforcement officers cannot be massed produced nor created after emergencies.
  • Integrated, effective policing requires non-police partnerships and support.
  • Police are bound and subordinated to the Rule of Law.


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