Have a question about our hiring process? You might just find your answer in our FAQ section below

1. When is your next testing process?

The Casper Police Department will be testing for the position of Police Officer on Monday, July 10th, 2023. All interested applicants must submit an application to attend. Testing information will be sent to the e-mail address provided on your application.

Testing begins with the physical fitness test. Successful applicants will move on to the POST written examination the same day, at the same location. Again, successful applicants will then be scheduled for their oral board, located at the City Center Building [100 W B Street].

Please plan on being in town for approximately 3 days; the day prior to testing, and at least until Tuesday. Out-of-state applicants will receive preference when scheduling oral board slots due to travel accommodation. Please keep an eye out on our Facebook page, as well as this website, for testing details. You must submit an application and receive an invite to attend. You can submit an application here!

The Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy (WLEA) holds three Police Officer Basic academies a year: January, April and August. It lasts approximately 3 months.

You can find more information about the WLEA [here] or by visiting wleacademy.com

2. How do I become a police officer?

You can become a Wyoming P.O.S.T. certified police officer by successfully completing all THREE phases of the testing process. A complete list of the three phases are found [here] or by visiting casperpolice.org/entry-level-testing/

3. What are the minimum entry-level requirements to become a Wyoming P.O.S.T certified police officer?

The minimum requirements are:

  • You must have or be able to obtain a valid Wyoming Driver’s License (be a resident of Wyoming)
  • Be eligible to be insurable to operate a city vehicle [no more than 3 (charged) moving violations in the past three years]; all are subject to review.
  • United States Citizen
  • High school graduate or GED certificate of equivalence
  • Be at least 21 years of age by the date of graduation from the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy
  • Be able to legally possess and purchase a firearm
  • Have not ingested marijuana in the past 2 years (regardless if it was legal in that specific state)
  • No prescription drug abuse within the past 2 years
  • Have not ingested any illicit/illegal substances in the past 5 years
  • Any drug use/involvement is subject to review to determine suitability for employment
  • Proof of bad character, felony convictions, recent or past criminal activity, or other undesirable habits of any applicant or false statements or omissions (lying) made by the applicant in the application or examination shall exclude applicant from continuing with the application and testing process.

4. How long is your testing/hiring process?

This is applicant volume-dependent, but historically the time from the first testing process, phase 1, through phase 3 takes approximately 2 months.

Phase 1, which includes the physical fitness test, the written examination, and the oral board panel examination, takes approximately 2 days and applicants should make travel plans accordingly, as this phase is conducted locally (Casper, Wyoming).

Phase 2, which includes the actual background investigation, may take upwards of 1 month. During this time, a background investigator will visit with you, in-person, including visiting your current/past employers, family/friends, etc.

Phase 3, which includes the polygraph examination (which may be administered in Phase 1), the psychological examination, the medical/physical examination, and the subsequent Chief Interview and investigation review can be completed in approximately 2 days. This phase is also conducted locally (Casper, Wyoming). Applicants should make travel plans accordingly.

5. Can I take the Wyoming P.O.S.T (written examination) test ahead of the scheduled testing date?

Yes, you can! You can call the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy (WY. P.O.S.T [307] 358-8123) or schedule online at post.wyo.gov  to schedule your appointment to take the test. The results are good for ONE YEAR from the date you took the test. Bring your official copy of your test results with you on testing day and you will not have to take the examination again.

Details about the Wyoming P.O.S.T written test can be found [here]

6. Can I take the Wyoming P.O.S.T. (written examination) test multiple times?

Yes, you can but you are responsible for the fees. It costs $35.00 through Wyoming P.O.S.T. If you chose to take the test again on the scheduled testing day WITH THE CASPER POLICE DEPARTMENT, the test results you obtain from that testing day will be what is submitted and recorded. You WILL NOT be able to use your test results from the previous testing (if they are higher) at that point.

7. What is on the Wyoming P.O.S.T. (written examination) test?

The Wyoming P.O.S.T. is a timed examination with questions in the categories of basic arithmetic, grammar, spelling, and report writing skills.

8. How do I study for the Wyoming P.O.S.T. and oral board (interview) examinations?

There is a link of study materials on the Casper Police Department’s website, specifically under the upper toolbar tab “Careers”. You can also simply perform an internet search of “police written examination sample questions” and/or “police oral board examination questions” and practice. We are always able to tell who has actually prepared for this examination.

9. Is there alternate testing for lateral officers?

No, the entry-level and lateral officer testing are the same and includes phases 1 through 3 (See question #2).

10. I am an out-of-state lateral police officer. Do I have to attend the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy (WLEA)?

This depends. You must call Wyoming P.O.S.T. and provide information regarding your training credits and training history (307-385-8213). Fill out the Reciprocity Document(s). If your training is approved and comparable to Wyoming’s training for a police officer, you would be required to take the Wyoming Criminal Law and Procedure course at the WLEA (approx. 2 weeks). Once you have successfully passed the course, you would then be required to provide a current CPR/AED certification, and DV course, and successfully pass and qualify with your firearms with an outside agency (this is scheduled at a later time).

11. Who pays for my attendance at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy?

The Casper Police Department will pay for your attendance at the WLEA, as well as your hourly wage. You are expected to reside at the WLEA during the week, during your training. You are permitted to leave on the weekends. (Exceptions are made concerning emergencies, family, personal reasons, etc. but will need to be approved by your supervisor).

12. What does the physical fitness test include and what are the standards?

The physical fitness test (part of phase 1) includes the 1-1/2 mile timed run, timed push-ups, and timed sit-ups. We utilize the Cooper Standards. Your time is based on your age and gender. Information on the Cooper Standards can be found [here] or by visiting wleacademy.com

13. Is it really that much different running in Wyoming than most other states?

YES! Running in Wyoming tends to be more difficult because we are positioned at a higher elevation above sea level. Your breathing will be more difficult and different, so it is highly suggested that you prepare effectively.

14. What else can I choose to do to prepare myself for a career in law enforcement?

There are many things that you can do: physically prepare yourself by having a routine fitness regimen, sign up for a Ride-Along with the Casper Police Department or your local police department (you can pick up a ride-along form in the CPD lobby and submit it), you can study and practice to prepare for the written and oral board examinations, you can research the CPD website and learn about our police department, etc.

We can’t do the work for you. If your wish and dream are to become a Casper Police Officer, you need to earn it! We hire heroes, and heroes never give up!