Casper Police Current Hiring Process

Interested Police Officer Candidates:

               Our goal within Career Services is to be as informative as possible when it comes to making sure you are prepared as applicants for our upcoming testing processes. As always, we hope that you are keeping up with your physical fitness regimen! With that said, we are tentatively planning to schedule our NEXT TESTING PROCESS potentially around September 2019. We will also advise on other potential Remote Testing locations. We understand that in order for future applicants to prepare appropriately, whether that be physically, or for future travel arrangements, we hope to have a solidified date shortly.

Also found on our website is information regarding our physical testing process and fitness standards. We highly suggest preparing now, whether that be keeping up with your running and exercise, practicing for the POST written examination or studying for the oral board examination; it will only benefit you come time for testing! Remember: You can schedule an appointment with Wyoming P.O.S.T. to take your written examination early! The test results are good for one year and can be presented at our next testing process. Please refer to the Wyoming P.O.S.T. website for details.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to CPD Career Services ( for any questions you may have. Good luck with your training and we look forward to seeing you!