Current Hiring Process

Official Testing

The Casper Police Department is currently hiring and accepting applications here! Applications will be accepted until October 7th, 2021. Testing will be Tuesday, October 12th, 2021 in Casper. Please plan on staying in town from October 12th to at least the end of the business day, October 13th if possible for the oral interview portion.

A Meet and Greet for applicants and their families/friends will be held at the Hogadon Ski Lodge, 2500 Hogadon Road, on Monday, October 11th from 4pm to 6pm. Attendance is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

The physical fitness test will begin at 0800 AM hours on Tuesday, October 12th at Kelly Walsh High School (Outdoor Track; dress appropriately. This is an OUTDOOR run). Kelly Walsh High School is located at 3500 E. 12th Street, Casper.

Time slots for interviews are given precedence to out-of-state applicants as they may have travel arrangements. Oral Board examinations will take place at the City Center Building (100 W B Street, Casper; directly behind Subway).

See below for testing information to prepare familiarize yourself with the process.

Due to the COVID 19, all applicants are required to wear proper masks to prevent the spread of the disease. Please come prepared with a mask. One will be provided if you need one.

NOTE: Initial testing examinations are the SAME for Entry-Level AND Lateral police applicants. Click here for more lateral testing/hiring information!

Please sign up for informational e-mails under “Careers”. Not receiving e-mails? Please call (307) 233-6613.

Testing Information

Initial testing examinations are the SAME for Entry-Level AND Lateral police applicants. Click here for more lateral testing/hiring information!

1st: Physical Fitness Test: Bring your government-issued photo-ID, appropriate work out gear, and water.

Be prepared for testing. Testing will begin with the physical fitness test: one minute timed push-ups, one minute timed sit-ups, and the timed 1-1/2 mile run. Your individual fitness standard is based on the Cooper Standards and can be found here.

2nd: Written Examination: Successful applicants will move on to the P.O.S.T. Written Examination the same day. The cost is $20.00 cash-only. There are no dress requirements. This is a timed written examination.

3rd: Oral Board Examination: Successful applicants will then be individually scheduled for an Oral Board Examination either the same day, or the next subsequent days following the testing; priority is given to out-of-state applicants.

Click here for more information regarding the background investigation process.

We highly suggest preparing now, whether that be keeping up with your running and exercise, practicing for the P.O.S.T. written examination, or studying for the oral board examination; it will only benefit you come time for testing! Remember: You can schedule an appointment with Wyoming P.O.S.T. to take your written examination early! The test results are good for one year and can be presented at our next testing process. Please refer to the Wyoming P.O.S.T. website for details.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to CPD Career Services ( for any questions you may have.

Casper Police Department Career Services

  • Sergeant Steve Nunn, (307) 235-8490
  • Officer Sarah Stockero, (307) 235-8250
  • Officer William Eastin, (307) 235-8378
  • Officer Alyssa Baedke, (307) 233-6613