Community Oriented Policing


Community Oriented Policing (COPS) programs respond directly to the emerging needs the Department’s requirements; shift law enforcement’s focus to preventing, rather than reacting to, crime and disorder; develop state-of-the-art training and technical assistance to enhance law enforcement officers’ problem-solving and community interaction skills; promote collaboration between the Department and our community members to develop innovative initiatives to prevent crime; and provide responsive, cost-effective service delivery to grantees to ensure we accomplish our mission.

Our Community Oriented Policing program offers a range of services free to the public, including presentations and programs on topics that range from crime prevention, personal safety, traffic safety, and drug and alcohol recognition.

The Casper Police Department is involved in local community groups such as the Alcohol Task Force, Meth and Substance Abuse Conference, Natrona County Prevention Coalition, Prevention Management Organization of Natrona County, Crime Stoppers of Central Wyoming, Natrona County Suicide Prevention Task Force, Child Protection Team, Safe Kids/Safe Communities, Safe Ride, and others.

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