Vision, Mission, & Core Values

The Casper Police Department is guided by the below ethical and principal-based Vision, Mission, and Core Values:


The Casper Police Department is a professional police organization of irrefutable noble character, respected and trusted by the entirety of the community and its citizens to guard their freedoms, safety, and security.


The Casper Police Department, in dedicated service to the City of Casper, guards and protects the life, property, and constitutional rights of all people in the community in order to facilitate and foster a safe and secure community.

Core Values

IntegrityWe conduct ourselves with uncompromised honesty, honor, ethics, and nobility in all situations and relationships.

Human DignityWe acknowledge and recognize the value all people by carrying out our duties with dignity, respect, and deliberate regard to all.

JusticeWe serve our community in an unbiased and impartial manner, applying equal protection to all under the law, and fairly enforcing the rule of law we are sworn to uphold.

ProfessionalismWe are accountable to ourselves and the public for the quality of our service.  We strive for exceptionalism in standards of proficiency and conduct in all aspects of our duties.  We seek to continually improve ourselves, our Department, and our community relationships.

LeadershipSteadfast, resolute leadership is a hallmark of our Department.  We entrust our members to lead ethically and responsibly within the organization and in the community we serve.  We subscribe to servant-leadership – servant first to the needs of others.