Traffic Unit

Traffic Unit remains focused on reducing traffic collisions in Casper. Occupant protection, speeding, impaired driving, distracted and aggressive driving are priorities. The unit is responsible for special events such as the Fireworks Festival, Christmas Parade, and the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo.

The Traffic Enforcement Unit’s primary focus is to reduce vehicle collisions and improve auto, bicycle, and pedestrian safety through selective enforcement. The unit maps crash data quarterly and directs enforcement to high crash intersections and streets. The Unit also places an emphasis on neighborhood traffic problems associated with complaints and suggestions received from the general public, neighborhood organizations, and Natrona Public Schools. This specialized team utilizes police motorcycles to effectively conduct city-wide enforcement.

Officers are assigned to specific patrol districts and are responsible for handling traffic complaints that are identified in those areas. The unit utilizes information from the City’s traffic engineer and police operations analysis to determine problem locations such as intersections with high crash rates, or roadways where a large number of citations are issued. Officers then conduct targeted enforcement in those areas in order to reduce the number of vehicle-related incidents and traffic-related complaints.

Participating agencies receive federal overtime funding which allows officers to conduct high-profile, intensive, enforcement operations that target seat belt and child safety seat laws, DUIs, and speeding vehicles. The Traffic Enforcement Unit is responsible for managing and policing high-profile traffic-oriented events, such as parades, sporting events, and other large-scale events using city street right-of-ways. The Traffic Enforcement Unit escorts for dignitaries such as political candidates and other political and high-profile figures.