School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers (SRO’s) perform their daily activities under the Support Services Division of the Casper Police Department. These four officers divide their work between the eastside and westside schools. Officers will be headquartered at the following schools:

  • Officer Ty Mower – Kelly Walsh High School
  • Officer Justin Edberg – Centennial Junior High School
  • Officer Charlie Simons – Natrona County High School
  • Officer Walker Galloway – Dean Morgan Junior High School

The SRO’s are in a position to respond to a school crisis in a timely manner and have the knowledge of school layouts, issues, policies and procedures, along with known threats to the school, at their immediate disposal. SRO’s deal with legal issues within the schools, are directly involved with parents and students on law enforcement related issues, and are called upon to give presentations on differing law enforcement issues that affect the school district. In addition, SRO’s work closely with the Department of Family Services, Probation and Parole Officers, Youth Diversion Officers, and Natrona County School District Student Advocates.

During 2013, the Natrona County School District moved forward with remodeling and rebuilding the two main high Schools. A large issue facing the SRO’s has been traffic control, as parking lots and traffic flows have had to be rerouted to accommodate the construction needs. SRO’s have worked with the neighbors to ensure proper traffic flow and adherence to the traffic laws.


Eastside Schools

Officer Ty Mower
School Resource Officer (Kelly Walsh)
SRO Mower 1

Officer Justin Edberg
School Resource Officer (Cenntinial)
SRO Edberg 1

Westside Schools

Officer Charlie Simons
School Resource Officer (Natrona County High School)
SRO Simons 1

Officer Walker Galloway
School Resource Officer (Dean Morgan)
SRO Galloway 1