Records Request and Fees

Hours of Operation: 7:30 am -4:30 pm, Monday – Friday

Records Request: 8AM-5PM

Monday: 9AM-11AM
Wednesday: 1PM-4PM
Friday: 9AM-11AM

Station VIN Checks
Monday-Friday 8AM-4:30PM

Off Site VIN Checks
By Appointment

Accident Reports: Customers can submit the Request Online, call or come to the window to have a record emailed, but must be present at the window to have it printed. Only redacted versions will be released. The Department is not authorized and will not look up or release non-redacted reports, including personal information of witness(es).

$3.00 to print
Free of charge for email

Background Checks: Customers must come to the window to fill out the proper form with an official ID (out of state residents must fill out the provided document in order to have the ID notarized). Click link below to print and fill out the desired form.

Background Check

Fee: $5:00

Record Requests:  Customers must come to the window to fill out the proper form or submit the  Request Online.  The Department has 10 business days to complete the request.  If the case is active, under investigation, on a charging document (affidavit, warrant request, or summons), the request will NOT be processed.  The affidavit/warrant request/summons request will need to be requested from the court it was charged through.  Customers must pick up the Records Request at Police Records with an official ID. For out of state residents, please call (307) 235-8300 to obtain details for submitting your request.

Fee: $5.00 (each report)

VIN Inspections: The vehicle must be present at the Department and ownership documents must be provided.  The Department will conduct scheduled VIN inspections within the city limits.  Proof of ownership paperwork must be presented to the Community Service Officer at the Department and proper fees must be paid prior to scheduling the inspection.

Fee:  $10.00 (per inspection)