Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Officer (PAO) reports to the Chief of Police and is responsible for internal and external communication, media relations and operations, and community engagement. The Department communicates and engages with the community, key partners and stakeholders, Department personnel, other law enforcement agencies, government and private organizations, and the media on a daily basis.

This mission of the Public Affairs office is to conduct synchronized, accurate, relevant, and timely strategic communication and engagement operations and activities in order to inform and educate, build partnerships, increase public trust and confidence, enable public safety, and deter crime.

Effective internal communication enables the Department to establish, maintain, and employ communication channels and mechanisms throughout the Department in order to inform, raise situational awareness, maintain morale, enhance readiness, and enable members to effectively tell the Department’s story externally. The Department’s internal communication efforts are consistent with the Vision, Mission, and Core Values.

Today’s technology, information, and communication domain allows direct, unfiltered communication flows to external audiences, namely, the citizens of Casper. Through the effective use of social media, websites, and technical interactions, the Department is able to effectively and quickly disseminate information and communicate with the community.

The Department’s core public affairs mission is to provide a timely, accurate, and truthful flow of information to designated audiences and the community. Use of mass media is a primary means of disseminating information and is often the most rapid and credible means. Multiple media outlets reside within the community.

Community engagement is the interaction between Department members and community members. The Department, through these engagements, seeks solidified, positive, trustworthy, and reciprocal relationships with partners, people, organizations, and stakeholders. Building partnerships and open lines of communication not only increase trust, confidence, and legitimacy but also better enable the Department to optimally employ our resources. Put simply, the Department is most effective when partners and partner organizations are all constructively addressing the criminal justice functions and activities within our community.

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Public Affairs Officer
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