Property and Evidence Unit

The Property and Evidence Unit section has 2 staff members and includes a laboratory and secure work environment to utilize scientific methods, physical evidence, deductive reasoning and their interrelationships to gain knowledge about evidence that is connected to the commission of a crime. The Property Evidence team provides these duties for the Patrol and Investigations Division of the Casper Police Department.

The Property and Evidence team conducts latent fingerprint processing; serial number restoration; drug weighing; testing for THC; Crime Lab submittals for evidence examination; photography; Management of the Department’s Digital Photography System; and professional court testimony.

Property and Evidence serves as the central repository for all evidence and property which
comes into the possession of the Casper Police Department and for which accountability, preservation, and storage are required. The team supports the prosecution of criminal cases by preserving the integrity and admissibility of evidence entrusted to its care. Every reasonable effort is made to safeguard property coming into the Property Evidence’s possession, to identify the proper owners of that property, and to ensure its return as soon as legally permissible.

To retrieve property and evidence, appointments are preferred, but not required. Vehicles will not be released after 4 PM. Firearms do require a background check to claim or transfer. Background checks can take 7-10 business days to process. Please click the link below to visit the Records Request and Fees page to fill out the required form to claim your firearms.

Records Request and Fees