Patrol Divisions

The Patrol Divisions represent the largest portion, 54%, of all sworn Police Officers in the Casper Police Department. There are 4 patrol teams each with 10-12 officers and two Sergeants. These teams are on rotating shifts to ensure that the City of Casper is covered 24 hours a day every day of the year. Each Team has a selection of officers with specialized training including Evidence Technicians, Police Training Officers, Crisis Intervention Officers, and Accident Investigators.

Patrol provides basic call response and police services to the City of Casper, including emergency incident response, routine call response, accident investigation, and traffic enforcement. It also conducts ordinance and statute enforcement, preliminary crime scene investigations, nuisance, and criminal investigations.

Special project and contract activities provide for special activities including foot, bike patrols, and problem-directed patrols. Calls for service are rated priority 1 through 6, with priority one being reserved for life-threatening, immediate emergency-type calls and priority five being primarily fact-finding, reporting, or rendering assistance. When a call is received at Casper/Natrona Public Safety Communications Center, a call-taker prioritizes the call based on the information provided by the caller. As an example, a violent situation presently occurring will get top priority and immediate officer dispatch, while a call of a minor theft with no suspect information will be put on a log for an employee to take a telephone report.