Office of the Chief of Police

On behalf of the men and women of the Casper Police Department, I would like to welcome you and encourage you to further explore the Casper Police Department’s website.  Here, you will find the services of an organization dedicated in its profession of policing by providing the highest quality police service to our community. Like our community, the Department has a rich history rooted in old west traditions and boom-town oil culture. With a primary mission of protecting lives, property, and the rights of all in our community, the men and women of our Department strive to serve with uncompromising integrity, courage, and nobility.  We believe that our people are our most valuable resource, and to be a leading and professional policing organization, viewed as legitimate and accountable to the citizenry, the Department and its members must be organized, equipped, and trained to provide balanced and fully integrated policing capabilities to the community.  Our professionalism, encompassing the highest of ethical and moral standards, must be above reproach and complemented with educated and experienced policing proficiency.  I am confident that the men and women of the Casper Police Department are such professionals and among the finest in public safety in the State of Wyoming.  No police department is more advantageously situated with the quality of its force to face the many present and coming challenges to law enforcement.  We thank you for your continued support, and the entrusted privilege to serve this fine community.


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