Chief of Police

Chief Keith McPheeters

On behalf of the proud men and women of the Casper Police Department, we welcome you to our departmental website. It is our hope that this website makes available to you useful information that can assist you in joining the police department in improving our community.  By providing you, the community, with this information and additional resources, we hope to build stronger relationships with our citizens, improve our customer service, and to better educate and inform our citizens on our crime prevention efforts.  We encourage you to partner with us as we undertake the daily effort to improve the quality of life in the community and to reduce the cost of living to our citizens and visitors.

The Casper Police Department is dedicated to the belief that, through effective, efficient, and professional law enforcement services, we will have a positive impact on the overall safety and livability of our community.

The City of Casper is an exciting community with a long history steeped in rich traditions surrounding the city’s importance as a crossroad of the mountain west.  We, the employees of the Casper Police Department, are both proud and grateful to serve in such a dynamic, beautiful, and safe community.

Please take advantage of the resources contained within this website.  We strongly encourage you to provide feedback on our performance and to share with us your ideas on how we can improve our services and “our community”.  In 2017, the Department initiated the “Our Community” program and it has since been embraced by every member of our staff as an outward showing of our personalized, individual dedication to the philosophy that the police are the community and the public are the police.  “Our Community” tangibly represents our commitment to the fact that, together, we can accomplish any noble undertaking to reduce crime in our city and improve the quality of life for all who live, work, and play here.


Keith McPheeters
Chief of Police