Investigative Services Division

The Investigation Services Division of the Casper Police Department comprises the Major Crimes Unit, Victim Services and the Operation Support Team.  These units in the division work alongside of each other to investigate, help victims and identify crimes and perpetrators for successful prosecution of felony crimes.

The Major Crimes Unit investigates felony level crimes and crimes where the identity of the perpetrator is unknown. The main goal of the Investigation Division is the successful prosecution of felony crime. The tenacity and investigative skill of Detectives has led to the successful identification and prosecution of the offenders of serious crimes in our community.

The Victim Services Unit assist victims with during and after crimes being investigated by Patrol Officers and Detectives.  The resources the unit gives to help navigate through emotional and the criminal has proven extremely beneficial to reduce the impact a crime causes to the victim.

The Operations Support Team is made up of Detectives who focus on crime analysis, intelligence gathering, proactive and multi jurisdiction investigation support. This team works to combat emerging crime trends in our community and helps connect local and regional law enforcement resources for more effective enforcement.

The successes of the Investigation Division are not the result of one person. Instead, they are the results of the coordinated efforts of detectives, patrol officers, and civilian support personnel that lead to successful investigations and prosecution of the perpetrators of crimes in our community.


Jeremy Tremel
Investigative Services Division
(307) 235-8408