The Casper Police Fleet unit manages the motor vehicle fleet comprised of 105 vehicles and 2 motorcycles. The primary duty of the fleet manager is to coordinate the purchase, maintenance and repair of the police vehicles. The fleet manager orders and coordinates the installation of the equipment used in the police vehicles, including the police radio system, traffic radars, mobile data systems, electronic ticket system and the in-car video system, to name a few.


One to One Program: This vehicle assignment program permanently assigns a vehicle to each sworn officer. This program:

  • Promotes the security of the citizens of Casper by creating an atmosphere of police presence resulting from an increased number of police vehicles on the streets in our community.
  • Improves police-community relations by creating off-duty personal contacts and services performed by police officers.
  • Deters crime by limiting the opportunity of the criminal to commit the act by creating the appearance of police presence.
  • Increases traffic safety and decrease the number of traffic violations through higher visibility of marked police vehicles.
  • Provides more timely response to all types of calls, thereby enhancing the opportunity for apprehension of criminals or the safe resolution of emergencies or disasters.
  • Provides quicker response of off-duty personnel when recalled to duty because of an emergency.
  • Reduces the maintenance cost of vehicles, increase the value and improve the condition of vehicles in use.
  • Provides for greater flexibility in the assignment of personnel for special events or programs, and reduce down time of police vehicles through maintenance and servicing during officers’ off-duty time.


Taylor Gilbert
Police Fleet Manager
(307) 235-7528