Animal Protection Services

The Casper Police Department is proud to offer professional animal protection services to the community of Casper. Our highly trained Animal Protection Officers are help to ensure animals are being well cared for within the community by responding to and investigating reports of animal abuse and mistreatment.

These officers also help to protect citizens from potentially dangerous animals by using their specialty training to safely find and capture them. APO’s also respond to calls of animal bites, vicious animals, dead or deceased animals, sick animals, stray animals, animal problems and animal noises. On average, Animal Protection Officers respond to 15% of all calls for service at the Casper Police Department.

The best part of their job, by far, is reuniting lost pets with their owners.

If you are found a lost pet, looking for a lost pet, or are thinking about adding a new furry member to your family, please visit the Metro Animal Services website.