Casper Police Launch Youth Scholarship Fund

The Casper Police Department is excited to announce the establishment of the Department’s new youth scholarship fund, OurCommunity OurYouth

.Established in 2020, the Casper Police Department OurCommunity OurYouth Scholarship Fund was made possible by the generous donation of an anonymous Casper citizen. The donor came unannounced to the Department’s front desk and left a check for ten thousand dollars. Declining to leave his name and refusing any recognition, the man said he simply wanted to give back to his community. Shocked by the anonymous gift, Department leadership later met with the donor to learn more about his story and intentions. In learning more about him, the donor shared that he felt passionate about somehow using the funds to help the children of our community grow into successful adults. Together, pursuant to the donor’s wishes, the OurCommunity OurYouth Scholarship fund was born. The OurCommunity OurYouth scholarship fund’s mission is to protect and serve #ourcommunity by empowering our youth through experience, education, and innovative pathways that will cultivate and grow Casper’s next generation. The Fund provides monetary assistance to underprivileged youth within Natrona County (and partnering communities) to attend educational or recreational camps, seminars, or other organized growth experiences both within Natrona County or elsewhere.

“In the spring of 2021, OurCommunity OurYouth funded its first two students to attend a local summer camp right here in Casper,” said Casper Police Public Information Officer Rebekah Ladd. “We are so grateful to have the opportunity to extend the mission of the Casper Police Department one step further and invest in the future of our Casper kids.”

This Fund supports underprivileged youth between the ages of eleven and fifteen years old. To apply, applicants will fill out an online form; submit an essay, and a letter of recommendation. The application form can be completed by either the student applicant, teacher, or organizational leader. A three-hundred to four-hundred-word essay must be included with the application explaining why the student wants to go to their selected experience. In addition, a letter of reference by a teacher, mentor, or organizational leader must be included. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible. Applications submitted less than 30 days prior to a registration deadline will not be reviewed.

Learn more and apply at Casper Police Department is dedicated to the protection and safety of our community through the highest standards of professionalism in police services.

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