Safety Concern at Casper College Quickly Resolved

Shortly after 1:30pm today, January 26th, 2021, Casper Police Officers received information from officials at Casper College regarding a security concern.

Officials told officers that an employee had received an e-mail that a propane bomb was in Leisinger Hall.

Over a dozen officers, including Natrona County Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians, responded to the college. While some officers conducted a highly strategic and thorough search of the property, other officers immediately began investigating the source and recipient of the e-mail. After remaining on scene for over an hour and conducting skilled investigative analysis into the e-mail, officers cleared the scene and deemed the threat unsubstantiated. The investigation into the original e-mail will continue. At this time, officers believe there is no threat to the public. If anyone has information concerning this incident please call the Casper Police Department at 307-235-8278.

The Casper Police Department is dedicated to the protection and safety of our community through the highest standards of professionalism in police services.

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