Casper Police Bring Peaceful End to Dangerous Stand-Off Situation

Around 2:30pm on December 28th, 2020, the Casper Police Department responded to an apartment complex in the area of the 700 block of Landmark Drive in Casper for a report of a family fight.

Officers learned that the suspect, Jackie Carabajal, had reportedly broken into his ex-wife’s apartment, physically assaulted her, and took her phone before leaving. The victim’s daughter, who was also in the apartment, called 911. Upon arrival at the scene, officers observed the door to the apartment to be completely destroyed, evident of a forced entry. While on scene, officers observed a phone call between the victim and suspect who had already fled. Officers attempted to speak with the suspect during the call. The suspect proceeded to tell officers that if he saw any cops he would, “shoot them immediately.” He also told officers he had firearms and other weapons and would, “shoot any cop who looked at him.” The suspect was also threatening to commit suicide by cop. Upon further investigation, officers discovered that the suspect had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest for aggravated assault concerning a different incident in which he is accused of physically assaulting his ex-wife.

Officers began searching for the suspect. A short time later, officers received a call from an anonymous person with the location of Carabajal.

Multiple officers responded to the suspected residence, located in the 200 block of East 8th Street to set up a perimeter.

A short time later, officers conducted a traffic stop with a vehicle seen leaving the residence. The driver told officers the suspect was inside the home. The driver also told officers the suspect may have access to firearms inside of the home. During this interaction, officers observed an additional phone call between this individual and the suspect in which the suspect was again threatening to kill himself. At this point in the investigation, officers requested the assistance of the Natrona County Special Response Team.

Highly trained crisis negotiators talked with the suspect for multiple hours. Shortly after 12:00am on December 29th, 2020, the suspect exited his home and surrendered to law enforcement. Following the suspect’s arrest, officers recovered a firearm from inside the residence. Jackie Carabajal was taken into custody and arrested on his felony warrant. He has also been recommended for one felony charge of burglary, one misdemeanor charge of unlawful entry, and one felony charge of domestic battery.

We would like to thank the Natrona County Special Response Team for their assistance during this incident. The Casper Police Department is dedicated to the protection and safety of our community through the highest standards of professionalism in police services.

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