Suspect Arrested in Kidnapping, Assault and Robbery Case

The Casper Police Department has arrested a man on recommended kidnapping, robbery and aggravated assault charges.

Around 5:00 am on Thursday, April 2nd, Casper Police Officers responded to Wyoming Medical Center (WMC) for a report made by a victim of a robbery.

The victim described to officers the events that had taken place earlier that morning. Officers were told that the victim had gone to a residence located on Honeysuckle Street in Casper to visit a friend. Upon arriving and entering the residence, sometime between 2:00 am and 3:00 am, the suspect attacked and physically assaulted the victim. Then forced the victim into a vehicle.

The suspect took the victim to a local bank in an effort to get the victim to take money out of an ATM. During this exchange, the victim was able to escape on foot. The victim then made their way to Wyoming Medical Center for treatment of their injuries. Upon arrival to WMC, police were called.

Casper Police Officers immediately began investigating this incident. A search warrant was obtained and conducted on the residence at Honeysuckle Street at which time an arrest was made.

In the afternoon of Thursday, April 2nd, 2020, twenty-nine-year-old Casper man, Lucas Sanchez, was arrested without incident on two misdemeanor warrants, as well as one recommended misdemeanor possession of methamphetamine charge, one recommended felony kidnapping charge, one recommended felony aggravated assault charge, and one recommended felony robbery charge.

This is still an active investigation. More details will be released as they become available.

The Casper Police Department is asking the public for assistance in gathering more information about this crime. Specifically, detectives are searching for a Ford-150 truck, estimated to be a late 2000’s model. The truck is red with running boards and after-market decals on the bottom of the cab that are either black and silver or black and gray in color.
If you or anyone you know has information about this crime, please contact Detective Justin Hatcher at 307-233-6622.

“This is an example of incredible investigative work by our detectives and officers here at the Casper Police Department,” said Investigations Lieutenant Ben Mattila. “Even in a time of crisis in our community, our organization remains steadfast in our commitment to keep Casper safe.”

The Casper Police Department is dedicated to the protection and safety of our community through the highest standards of professionalism in police services.

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