Animal Protection Officers Respond to 3,196 since January 1st

The Casper Police Department’s Animal Protection Officers have responded to 3,196 calls so far in 2019.

On an average weekday, CPD has three Animal Protection Officers on duty.

The Casper community alone is responsible for 2,499 of those calls, while Evansville, Bar Nunn, and Natrona County make up the remaining 697.

For context, Animal Protection Officers have responded to 13.19% of all Casper Police Department total calls thus far in 2019.

The top three calls Animal Protection Officers respond to are for stray animals (1,651), animal problems (715), and animal noises (207).

“The job that our Animal Protection Officers are responsible for in this community is invaluable,” said Rebekah Ladd, CPD Public Information Officer. “The animal expertise and empathy they bring to the job every day allows us as a department to provide a full scope of services to our community. Animal-related calls are a significant portion of what we respond to and having officers that specialize in this area allows us to provide a higher level of professionalism to all members of our community – both two-legged and four-legged.”

This highly utilized service helps to ensure animals are being well cared for within the community by responding to and investigating reports of animal abuse and mistreatment.

These officers also help to protect citizens from potentially dangerous animals, such as venomous snakes, by utilizing their specialty training to safely find and capture them.

Animal Protection Officers also respond to calls of animal bites, vicious animals, dead or deceased animals, missing animals, and sick animals.

The Casper Police Department is dedicated to serving and protecting all members of the community. We are proud to have the privilege of offering animal protection services.

Photo: Scott Schell, Lead Animal Protection Officer, and 20 year APO veteran.

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