Chief McPheeters releases information concerning Officer’s injuries

News Release: May 7, 2018 2:42 PM MST

Detective John Hatcher, Public Affairs Officer
Casper Police Department

Casper, Wyoming (May 7, 2018) – The Casper Police Officer injured in the Officer-Involved Shooting on May 6, 2018 remains in Critical Condition at Wyoming Medical Center.  Due to the ongoing nature of the emergency medical treatments the officer continues to receive, the Casper Police Department will not release the name of the injured officer.  “Since not of all the family of the injured Officer has joined the family here in Casper, we are asking for the public’s patience and understanding as we temporarily withhold the name of our injured Officer,” explained Casper Police Chief McPheeters.  The Casper Police Department continues to work closely with the family of the injured officer, facilitating their travel to Casper and caring for their needs to the greatest extent possible.

During the incident, it is believed that the Officer was struck by five or more bullets, resulting in serious, life-threatening injuries to the Officer.  As of this time, the Officer faces significant, ongoing medical concerns.  “The emergency treatment of the Officer’s injuries required multiple transfusions of blood and blood products throughout the night and continues at this time.  The extent of the Officer’s injuries are such that multiple shipments of blood and blood products were brought in to the Wyoming Medical Center by emergency ground and air transportation in order to replenish the local supplies of life-saving blood donations,” continued McPheeters.  “Although the volume of blood loss undergone by the Officer has been slowed, blood loss continues to pose concerns for the Officer’s timely recovery.”

According to the Chief, many people have volunteered significant aid and resources to the Casper Police Department, its employees, and to the family of the injured Officer.  “The number of persons and organizations offering selfless service in this time of need is humbling and gratifying,” said the Chief.  “It would be impossible to list all of the persons and organizations that have done so much on our behalf, but we acknowledge their kindness and generosity with sincere gratitude and thanks.  We encourage the members of the public to continue their support of our officer, the officer’s family, and the Casper Police Department family.”

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