May 6th Officer Involved Shooting

News Release May 6, 2018:


Jolene Martinez, Assistant to the City Manager
City Manager’s Office

Casper police officer shot in line of duty

Casper, Wyoming (May 6, 2018) – Casper police responded to a call today at the 1400 block of South Fairdale in Casper.  Upon arrival, officers of the Casper Police Department engaged in an exchange of gunfire. One officer was struck by gunfire and is in critical condition.  The suspect is deceased.  The Division of Criminal Investigation is on the scene and will handle the investigation.

Casper Police Chief McPheeters issued a brief statement saying, “We have asked for and are receiving the assistance of Natrona County Sheriff’s Department, Mills Police Department, Evansville Police Department, and the Wyoming Highway Patrol in covering our public safety needs in Casper for the next several hours.  As everyone might imagine, this is a very emotional situation and the agencies have agreed to help us take our calls”

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